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   ermixer v0.8
     - Now ermixer have a very nice qt gui which improve ease of usage.
   ermixer v0.7.1
     - Now you can increase and decrease the value of a channel fastly. Example: ermixer vol +20.
     - BugFixes;
   ermixer v0.7:
     - BugFixes
   ermixer v0.6:
     - Real Time support;
     - Now ermixer recognizes the channels mono and stereo;
     - Save Dialog Rewritten;
     - Channel balancement rewritten;
     - BugFixes;
   ermixer v0.5:
     - Handling of multiple profiles files;
     - Support for recording devices;
     - Gestion of PLAY\REC state;
     - BugFixes;
   ermixer v0.4:
     - New engine; (fully rewritten);
     - New ncurses's interface; (fully rewritten);
     - New line's interface; (fully rewritten);
   ermixer v0.3:
     - Added Tkermixer! (it works only with ermixer 0.3a!).
     - BugFixes;
   ermixer v0.2:
     - Added ncurses's interface (it's simple; just an attempt);
   ermixer v0.1:
     - Ermixer's project start now!